Meet the committee

The committee is run by a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers who have many years of experience in placing students into the right homes and families.

Terry Cannon
(W) N/A
(C) (+27) 84-476-2012

Mike Fraser
(W) (+27) 16-982-3140
(C) (+27) 83-417-8910

Gail Wilson
(W) (+27) 11-421-6202
(C) (+27) 82-564-7244

Joachim Kallweit
(W) N/A
(C) (+27) 79-730-3815

Meet the Country Officers

These volunteers are responsible for arranging and coordination exchanges with their respective countries

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Czech Republic
Gerhard Stocker
(W) (+27) 11-824-2271
(C) (+27) 82-499-8818

Austria, India, Denmark
Dubretha Oosthuizen
(W) (+27) 11-394-1996
(C) (+27) 83-600-0962

Taiwan, Thailand
Sharon Pearlman
(C) (+27) 82-451-1498

Finland, Hungary, Croatia
Marina Britz
(C) (+27) 83-299-5539

Belgium, France, Spain
Tracy-lee Goldstone
(W) (+27) 83-693-0824
(C) (+27) 83-693-0824

Terry Cannon
(C) (+27) 84-476-2012

Norway, Sweden, USA
Jenny Cannon
(C) (+27) 82-815-1937

Italy, Netherlands, Turkey
Marina Britz
(C) (+27) 83-299-5539

Meet the Area Coordinators

If you live in these areas, you can contact the relevant volunteers

Mpumalanga, Mozambique and Swaziland Area
Judy Pott
(C) (+27) 82-576-2791

Gaborone Area
Douglas Craig
(C) (+267)-7152-2641

Francistown Area
Sibongile Gonah
(C) (+267) 7599-0118

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